Vorwerk Tiger 251 with accessories

Vorwerk Tiger 251 with accessories

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Tiger 251 with electric brush 340

of Vorwerk.

You will receive an invoice and have 1 years warranty on the engines.

The tiger is used but in very good condition.

With the motor EB340 2 rotating brush rollers are driven.

Animal hair, these brushes remove dust mite excrement itself effortlessly.

Through the brush dirt into the depths of your carpet is loosened and absorbed directly into the suction flow.

You get the tiger 251 as a complete assortment.



1 Vorwerk Tiger 251 Base Unit

1 electric hose with three-stage circuit

1 Electronic Alusaugrohr

1 electric brush 340

5 filter bags VT 251

Nozzle set

5 Duftstäbchen

So that you are superbly equipped to thoroughly clean your home to be. The devices were tested for their ability to function naturally and thoroughly cleaned.

SAY NO trash!

Especially with dog or cat hair can often despair with a simple vacuum cleaner and you take it finally with his fingers. But it need not be! If you have ever had a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner, of course you know about this decision and know the quality products longevity.


The real master among the Vorwerk vacuum cleaners!

Trade-in equipment:

We take your defective Vorwerk vacuum cleaner like in payment. Please let us know immediately after purchase of the article, in this case we accept your shipping costs (within Germany)!


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Softdüse Vorwerk Kobold 118, 119, 120, 121,122 und Tiger Softdüse Vorwerk Kobold 118, 119, 120, 121,122 und Tiger
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